Woman Shitting Lisbian

Comfortable Poop Eating Part 1

Girls Uses Man

Melissa’s Oldies Butt Goodies!!

Was Digging through my vaults and found some Melissa clips I never put out even on my old sites. Old to me but new to you!! These are from nearly three years ago. Video quality not as great as her most recent videos, but it’s still a great set of natural toilet clips. Melissa takes you through her whole routine while dropping the *** off at work. Enjoy as she drops some nice logs then takes you to the sink with her to wash her hands. You can even hear ladies come in an out of the bathroom and use the toilet in the adajcent stalls as well! It’s like she had a perfect sense of timing as she always waited for the perfect moment of silence to get her own lawgs and poots out!! Some clASSic clips from one of my favorite Asses of all time!!

Part Three Of Bunny Goes Poopy

I am wearing bunny ears, a pink bow tie, and gray top, with pants. Oh yeah did I forget to tell you that I have a cute little white cotton tail hanging off of my butt?! LOL! My face paint resembles a cute bunny.I am dancing to the music and having a nice time. I shake my boobies in your face.Then I unzip my pants and slowly peel them off my voluptuous hips. You see my hairy bush. I bend over while holding the cotton tail between my butt cheeks.Then I bend over and the poop starts to fall from my butthole. Once there is a nice a pile on the floor I begin to play with it. I even smear the shit on the white tile floor with my titties.I continue to smear the poop on my ass and face.

103 Kv The Best Pee Shit And Eat

So sorry if you do not understand italian, but i can also speak english or fancaise if you are here by me in Sardinia for an amazing 24/7 h24. Try to understand and see what’s happen. MP4