Woman Whose Faces Are Totaaly Covered By Shit And

Hard Quality Shit Of A Girl After A 3-day Constipation

Alina again unloaded in mouth of toilet slave a large piece of solid quality shit.

Eating & Smearing Her Own Shit!

She has exceptional skin. Her secret? Definitely NOT some fancy body scrub or mud mask. She uses shit to make her skin healthy and glowing. Yep, now shit is smeared all over her skin and she plays with her bullet vibrator while she’s waiting for the shit mask to sit well on her skin. She also gets fed with morsel of shit-smeared food to lessen the boredom of waiting.

Worst Obstipation Ever!

ouch ouch ouch… that was really hard and painful! Literally the hardest poo in my life.. 🙂 This brick really didn’t want to get out, so I had to push and to press and moan and suffer the stretching of my tight ass. It hurt still days after.. 🙂

Guy Trying To Get Some Shit From Girlfriends Asshole

Guy trying to get some shit from girlfriends asshole