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Drown Under My Chair 1080

It is a scary stormy night. Precipitation is in the air and it seems this will be a huge shower. A tube strapped into Taylor DawnÂ’s throat connecting to My toilet chair. There is no going back. He will have to consume all of what I give him and, as everyone knows, that will be a whole LOT to consume. Witness the ultimate in coerced toilet slavery, consensual nonconsent (CNC) with a specialty toilet chair made by mastermind crafts. If he does not consume fast enough, he may well drown. This is a full golden consumption video, audio AND visual. Please follow My twitter page @BettyPickle. You simply must see this amazing chair in action! We filmed as many angles as possible to give the viewer a good idea of all the functions of the chair.For custom clips BETTYPICKLE @ Y A H O O

First Poo Into Black Mask Slave

195.2 So…. this clip is in english and it is my first poo’s video with this new slave. I want to say you this is the BEST EATER i never had, Black Mask (this is the name i give at my slave) eat all and fast, you can not believe! Let you see. And he eat every day for a week!!!!! MP4

Shy Red Haired Jess Strips And Pees – Mp4

This cutie has to pee soon. She likes to being watched ? but is a little bit shy too! So she slowly starts to undress to show you her hot body. Then she sits down on the toilet and spreads her legs so that you can have a good view on her hot pussy! She takes her fingers, spreading her pussy too and then starts peeing. You can see the warm and golden liquid flow right out off her pussy. That’s what you like, don’t you…?

Nude Amateur Girl In The Toilet

Nude amateur girl in the toilet