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Naughty Professor Eats Schoolgirl Scat! – Full Movie

Teacher is cute in a nerdy kind of way and the girls can’t wait to get their hands on him. They lure the poor man to their dorm and they make him strip and lie down on the floor! Pretty slutty student takes off her panties and shoves it into his mouth. She squats over his face and gyrates her hips until her juices squirt all over his face! She stands over his face and ejects chunks of shit all over his face and chest. She moves down his body and shits some more, this time dumping her scat all over his cock! The teacher has no choice but to wait for what else these naughty girls have in store for him.

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Pamela and Nadine spend hollys in spain. They have a slave boy with them so they never use toilet just piss in his moouth let him lick piss from the floor spit in his face kick him. Totall degradetion!

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