Women Goin Poop

Toilet Slave Outback Walk Part 2

Girls Uses Man

Open Mouth And Eat Shit

Victoria is shitting and poeeing, farting lot into your mouth!

My Mistress Shits On Me And I Love It!

Aside from fucking, there’s another thing I need from my bitch – her loads and loads of scat. I give her a generous allowance just to have her shit all over me. Right now, she hikes up her dress and pees all over my face. Then she takes aim then pushes her scat hard from her asshole. She puts the chunks in my mouth and I swallow them eagerly, wanting more of that later on.

Glass Of Pee

I had the urge to take a piss, so I decided rather than waste it down the toilet, I would fill up a glass of my golden love and make my slave drink every drop! Watch me fill the glass and see him suck it right down.