Women Going For Shit

Poop Too Big To Push Out

As the slave becomes more obedient and accepting of its non-human status and fate as a toilet I can afford to extend to it small acts of kindness and intimacy. In this video, for instance, I actually allow it to make eye contact with me for an extended period. It gets to look at my beautiful smile as I allow it to take my spit into its mouth. And I have taken care of its comfort by constructing a new toilet seat that allows the slave to serve me without having to lifts its head off the ground when I use it. As I pull down my sweat pants and take my position the human-to-toilet relationship takes on a new degree of intimacy as the beautiful folds of my pussy lips are spread ever so slightly by the rim of the toilet seat. My asshole is completely natural with the dark, fine hairs surrounding it fully exposed by the spread out ass. The slave gets to lick and even suck my asshole for an extended period as my turds today are exceptionally fat and hard. The slave runs its tongue over the luscious folds of my anus for minutes on end with the anal glands growing up to two or three times their normal size while the slave dutifully caresses them with its tongue. Finally, the slave demonstrates its full acceptance of its depraved, sub-human existence, by literally sucking the shit out of my asshole. The slave does its duty and cleans my ass with its lips and tongue. After the deposit has been made and I am done with the creature I demonstrate my kindness and concern for its existence by giving it a goodbye spit and slap.

Lisas Visit Day2 Hd P2

Lady Lisa use the toilet slave serveral times to shit in his toilet mouth. The soft shit is realy hot and a dream for toilet slaves. She is shitting him directly in his mouth.

Food And Piss

Lady Lucy feed the slave with chewed food mixed with her piss.

Slave Pig Eats Shit And Drinks Piss

Miss Cherie has to poop, she sits comfortably on the toilet chair and shits in a bowl, which the slave holds under her butt. After she has relieved herself, she commands the slave to eat everything that is in the bowl.Disgusted eats the slave pig slowly a pair of bite to it Miss Cherie takes too long. She stuffs the shit in his mouth and helps him to swallow, then Miss Jane pees in his mouth. Somehow the Sub has all choked down and gets a reward in form of some lashes with the whip. He will swallow next time even faster.