Women In The Shit

Shitting On Snow In Minus 20 Degrees

My friend likes to shit on the street all year round. Even 20 degree frost is not a hindrance to it (-4 Fahrenheit). She pisses and shits on white clean snow again and again, time after time. Voyeurism and nudity in the cold is so hot.

Alina Is Bathing And Shitting Under The Trees

Alina and I came to the river. Today it’s very hot +29 and Alina really wanted to take a dip in the cool water. We rested, ate watermelon, when suddenly Alina wanted to shit. On the beach there were a lot of people and we spent some time to find a place where Alina could calmly take it! After 5 minutes of searching, we found a deserted place in which Alina poured out her smelly shit!

Beach Piss

Late at Night Nikki has to piss while sitting in a restaurant, so she runs to the beach, her slave behind her, she spits in his face, and piss in his mouth, all this observed by some local heros :)older clip reduced Quality!