Women Making Big Shit

House Cleaning With An Unexpected End

Hello) I know you are waiting for a new season of my videos!)))The new season will start very soon) I am grateful to everyone who supports and helps me thank you!)) Today I present to your attention a small but very hot video!) I do the cleaning, and all of a sudden I’m getting diarrhea!) In this video I talk a lot!) (in comparison to the rest of the clips) I Wish you good mood, and see you soon!)) PS: the Video with the original sound. Without editing.

Slave’s Intense Training From Mistress!

The agency that produces that best slaves in the city are known for its rigorous training; aspiring slaves have to pass the final test from the mistress herself before they can be sent to their VIP clientele. The newbie slave is now lying on his back, a portable toilet placed firmly above his face. The madam hikes up her skirt, sits on the toilet, and shits on his face – a wet splatter of the foulest feces he has ever encountered. The madam steps away and watches his face as he tries to be expressionless even with shit on his face. See, if he perfects his poker face even with the foulest body waste on his face and body, he passes the test!

Girls Weight Lift Platform Part 2 Valery

Here the Girls wait until he is tired exercising then overpower him tie him up and start have him clean their Feet and then he can eat their Poop too. Part 2 Valery. English Subtitles