Women Panty Peeing

Mistress Gaia And Her Full Toilet Slave

Today I want to use my favorite armchair to be comfortable while I use my slave as a real toilet. I put him under the armchair and order him to always leave his mouth open. First of all, I smoke a nice cigarette and throw all the ash it in the mouth of my slave, and when I finish I throw even the burning stump in his mouth. Then I start to pee, ordering him to swallow all my hot nectar, and immediately after my hot and fragrant chocolate starts to get out of my divine ass. My slave, grateful for this gift, collects the shit in his mouth until completely filled. My slave is just a perfect toilet!

Mistress Roberta – Rub Your Cock With My Shit Before Eating-pov

Today after the farts are pushing very fats my shit out of my ass and after i pee i take the strap on on and show you what i would like you to do with my shit and of course after you stroke your cock with my shit untill you cum you are free to eat the leftovers ? enjoy!

Pee In The Shower

my strengths pee in the shower, I play with it! my feet are all wet!