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Lolo’s First Pooping Video

Lolo takes her first ever shit for the camera, up close with you in the bowl to enjoy it! A long firm poop, while she spreads her cheeks.

Pooping And Showing Texture Of My Shit

I poop my ass facing you on the floor. You can see my asshole opening and a hard log coming out.In the next scene I am filming my shit from a closer angle with my HD camera. You can see all the details of my poop. I show you the bigger piece first. I turn it over, then take it in my hands and show my poop in every angles. I take the hard knobbly piece of shit in my hands. I take it appart. I squash little pieces of shit with my fingers. You can really see the difference of texture between the different pieces of shit that came out from my ass.

Naughty Student Makes Teacher Eat Her Shit! – Part 2

After he’s done eating her shit, she sits on his soup bowl and pees on it, then she spoonfeeds the disgusting dish to teacher, who eagerly lapped it up.

Nasty Pervert Caught Sniffing Neighbor’s Panties! – Part 2

She unloads sticky, smelly scat on the toilet and heads back to the room. She rubs her unwashed ass on her neighbor’s face and makes him lick her clean!