Women Peeing In Mens Mouths

Alina Pooping Diarrhea And Farts In Mouth Toilet Slave

Alina pooping diarrhea and farts in mouth toilet slave. Alina ate smoked fish, salad with cheese and garlic and with beer, and in the morning she started a severe diarrhea with fart. Then Alina wanted to smoke and relax.

Toilet Apprentice

My best friend is joining me to try out a new toilet slave today. What we really enjoy is to humiliate such pathetic creatures, and off course take advantage of their dying wish to worship two beautiful Princesses like Nomi and me, The slave is on the floor, and I tell my friend that she can start using my new toilet apprentice. The only thing he will worship today is our precious piss in his pathetic toilet mouth. Neomi fill his mouth over and over while I am watching. She enjoys humiliate him so much. But also I need to go badly, my bladder is full, and I need to pee now! So I place my self over his face and mouth, and fill his mouth over and over. But as a apprentice he missed really a lot, so we make the slave get on his knees, and lick all the piss he missed from the floor with his pathetic tongue, telling him to catch our pee better next time!

I Spiked Their Drink With Laxative! – Part 2

A few minutes after sipping the drinks, the girls start to retch and scatter scat all over the floor! The delighted bastard scoops the scat from the floor and crams it into his wretched mouth!

Two Pretty College Girls Ramona And Dre Enjoy Their Shitting Session

Two pretty college girls Ramona and Dre enjoy their shitting session