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Mistress Roberta -toilette Slave Used By Mistress Victoria

Today the pot slave is used by Mistress Victoria and she is siting on an shitting chair to shit directly into the pot’s mouth and she fills his head with shit and after she starts to spread it on his chest and at the end she orders to clean the shit over the glove she used so she abandon the pot .

Mistress Roberta – Farting In Leather Pants And Stroking Directions While Pooping-pov

Today i took my ecological leather pants on and i start to fart while witing to shit and i also took the potty chair to go up on the masage table i pee and poop and while i poop i give you directions to smear your cock with shit and stroke it untill you cum and after you can eat your big breakfast

Pool Piss Party 13

Princess Nikki and Asian Princes put some fingers deep in the mouth and collect a lot of deep deep spit for the stupid slave. Nikki piss liters of her yummy nectar into his pathetic mouth!

Keisha Makes A Mess 720p

Black big butt girl Keisha takes a sloppy big shit and makes a mess of the toilets face. Will be available in 720p, WMV, Ipad720p, and Iphone/Ipod formats. Slow motion added so you can see the shitting action close up.