Women Peeing Spy Cam

30 Min Scat Smear Face Mask

hello nasty boys,This is a 30 min video, i wanted to take my time in showing the nastiness but amazing view of my shit being smeared on my face and neck. I start out with old poop i had in a container with some pee in it. I try to smear it on but it goes on like clay so i mix it more with the pee..then put more on, i explain how it feels and the smell of my shit and how u wish u could be the one to lick it off. After about 25 mins i put it in my mouth a whole big ball of it that i gag a little i want to make it more smoother for my face so i mix it with my saliva. Then smear it more on my face till i use all my poop that was in the container.The view is up close so u see all the scat and this video gives u enough time to jerk that nasty boy cock of urs and explode over and over again.This is a one of a kind video OBey and Buy it NOW!u wont regret it ;D rate this 5 stars make ur scat goddess happy

Mistress Roberta -watch Me In Bath Day 1

This video is made from few times i went at bathroom during the day and this is day one first is in the morning after just wake up and entering at work online, the second is after staying in bed and the last one a little bit later after i was playing with my subby boyfriend -request

New Slaves First Time With No Way Out Part 2

Here we take full Advantage of 2 Faces sticking out and filled them up with Poop. English Subtitles

Piss Drink 33

Drink piss from the champagne glass! Joschi has drunk with its mistress Bizarr Lady Jessica for a particularly perverted, messed up evening. Während die göttliche Kaiserin Sekt aus ihrem Sektglas trinkt, bekommt Joschi ihren Natursekt direkt in sein Glas und muss dieses dann genüßlich austrinken.While the divine empress is drinking champagne from her champagne glass, Joschi gets her golden shower directly in its glass and then must drink this up pleasurably.