Women Pooping Fast

Mistress Gaia – Hundred Strokes

Today I will celebrate with this slave his hundredth session with Me, he expects a session of pleasure … but the real surprise will be a party of pain and suffering just like I like it if he will be able to endure until the end without interruption, something nice will come for him.

Schoolgirl Tries Human Toilet For The First Time

She’s heard all about human toilets from her friends so she decides to try it herself. She scouts for one that is clean and eager enough for her chunks of shit. She hikes up her skirt, pulls down her panties and then unloads yesterday’s dinner into his mouth. The eager human toilet swallows every bit of shit she pushes out of her asshole.

Emily, Shitting Emo Girl

Wow, this is a SUPERTURD from Emily, a sweet Emo looking girl loves very kinky shitsex!!

Thick Showpiece Shitting

Wow, this is a nice sausage .. my ass has formed it really cool. Watch me as I push them out.