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Stepmother Urinates And Poops On Son’s Face! – Full Movie

When this woman came home from work, she is immediately greeted by the sight of her stepson lying and sleeping on the floor wearing only his underwear! Since she doesn’t like him, she proceeds to brutally take advantage of him! At first, she urinates on his face as well as on the rest of his body, causing him to wake up and grasp for air! Before he could get up, she sits on his face and feeds him with her pussy! Eventually, she changes positions and smothers him with her asshole! It didn’t take long before she suddenly defecates on his face! She then repeatedly re positions her butt to smear her poop all over him! The only time she stops is when she gets contented with the mess that she has made!

Sperm In My Eyes And Pee On Me – By Andrea Brown

6 Stupid pervert guys try to cum 15 times in the girl eyes.She has to open her eyes and the guys cum inside, while her eyes start burn.But this is not all .every guy and one girl piss on her non stop. They pee in her mouth, face and all over her body. But what i explain you?? Just love..

The Best Turd On The Net…

This incredible turd was made in Angies living room!!