Women Pooping Liquid Diarrhea

Mistress Roberta- Breakfast With Instructions

Today my personal slave will get an breakfast with instructions from me training him to listen all i say when i say and slap his face if he doesn’t do it as fast i want so first i pee in the jar giving him to drink it all while i am shitting in the plastic plate to give him the second course feeding him with the spoon after i finish i wipe my ass and the paper i put it in my slave’s plate nothing gets waisted after all.

Evil Girls! – Full Movie

These Girls are always mean to their poor slave. Look what they just did to him! They whip and chain him like a dog and they pressing him down the floor. They place a bowl of shit in front of him and bullied the poor man to eat it.

Covered The Desk With Lot Of Pee!

Limonika is a cute, shy girl – but if she starts the action she won’t stop anymore! She starts to strip in her living room and takes off her clothes. Next she spreads her hot legs standing on the glass desk – and starts to pee! First it is only a small amount of pee but after a few moments it is a big puddle! She stands in her own pee and pisses even more! Eventually she sits down on the desk and her sexy ass cheeks push away the pee undulatory. She plays with her pee and doesn’t care about cleaning – because she exactly knows: YOU will clean up the whole mess with your tongue only at the end…!