Women Poops On Face

Diarrhea Surprise

You are never done training a slave. You would think that being a toilet is fairly easy. There is not much to remember, but it still manages to forget what few duties it has. For instance, several times I whipped the slave’s dick and it forgot to say “Thank you!” Annoying, I know. But at least it is an excuse to whip him some more. Oh wait, I don’t need an excuse! On the other hand it, despite its forgetfulness, it is getting quite good at licking my asshole and I even moan with pleasure a little in this video. As the slave licks my asshole from under the toilet seat my asshole becomes engorged with power till it rises out from my luminous ass. Finally, I reward the pathetic worm with my fragrant gift. This time I give it a little surprise—Surprise! Diarrhea! It comes out all at once and makes a lovely pattern on the part of its body that used to be its face—back when it was human! I was so amused at the spectacle (the slave might have been amused but its mouth was otherwise occupied) that you get to hear my laughter as I look back down at the slave. The slave is so pathetic I make a sound that could almost be interpreted as sympathy. And as if my fragrant, semi-liquid offering was not enough to beautify its face, I even add my spit. Surprise, the slave forgets to say thank you. Fortunately, I still have my whip! A Mistress’s work is never done! After seeing this video you will beg to be the hole where I deposit my diarrhea! REMEMBER, say ‘Thank you!,’ TOILET!

Tied Lady Covered With Her Feces! – Full Movie

When this woman came home from work, what greeted her is her aroused and naked husband! He doesn’t waste any time! He grabs her, strips off her clothes, and then wraps her body with rope! After which, he lays her on the bed where he proceeds to shave her pussy! When he has rendered her hairless, he begins finger fucking her vagina, leaving her moaning at the top of her lungs! It didn’t take long before he starts using a dildo, further making it hard for her not to cum! Though, because of the overflowing pleasure, she ends up accidentally pooping! Annoyed with the mess that she has made, the guy puts the device aside and then picks up her feces! He then smears it all over her body! Eventually, every inch of her skin is covered with poop!

Mistress Roberta -fur, Leather And Soft Shit-pov

Today i took my furry slippers and my leather pants on and i came to do your daily breakfast so i pee first, after i poop an soft shit i give you my ass hole to lick it clean and also i wipe it after you lick it and i serve you your spreaded breakfast on the floor so enjoy and bon apetit.

Mistress Roberta – Rear View Preparing Your Morning Diarrhea And Pee-pov

This morning your breakfast view will be rear view for the diarrhea but first i pee and this is a spectacle because i pee alot and will soak everything in pee 🙂 enjoy!