Women Public Shit

Mistress Of The Toilet

The queen got home, slaves began to lick the queen’s dirty soles. The hostess need to go to the bathroom, slaves do sit implement the queen. All the shit all the way to the slave’s mouth


Ruslana is hot pooping hot in sexy skirt a lot of turds!

Mistress Gaia Pov Toilet Games

Mistress Gaia allows us to get the slave?s perspective…. down below, with our head in the toilet chair. Talking to us, telling us what we are, what we deserve. Telling us what we need, what she’s going to donate us… Today is ‘only’ a lot of golden shower. Tomorrow… maybe more (chocolate). To succeed in seeing the clips, I suggest you to get hold of VLC media player. Also, visit my website Mistress Gaia.