Women Shit Hidden Cam

From The Vaults!! Ayanna’s Quick Outburst!!

This is a classic one from my old store never posted here on Scatshop!! Enjoy as one of my alltime favorites has a quick overhead burst! Some Great Grunting and Straining as well!

Heavy Shit Feeding Hd 1920×1080

A simple expression of exquisit taste. My toilet slave has just enjoyed his favourite meal. A large portion of my shit. He licked my boots and suck my legs. Then i was spit in his mouth and make him swallow my juicy spit. I sat on the couch so that my ass hanging over his face and told him to open his mouth. Now a large portion of my delicious shit came into his throat. Now I want to watch you eat my shit, toilet slut.

Netflix & Your Nose Inside My Asshole

Imagine being in my slaves place. You met me on Tinder and wanted to Netflix and chill .. But When you show up I have the most horrible gas imaginable. You’ve already fallen for me and say you love me. So I ask you to prove it. I want you to love every part of me, I want you to worship me. Even if it’s my farts. You can’t help but to do what I ask you, you can’t tell me no;) So you’re going to prove yourself to me. With your head wrapped only leaving your nose for my amusement. Bent down on your knees with your face in my ass as I rip fart after fart right in your pathetic nose. But it’s too much for you. You can’t handle the smell? Awhh stop being a little bitch about it, I thought you loved me? Oh well, you’re going to learn to love every part of me I say as I wrap a belt around your head and push your face into my stinky ass, not caring if you can even breathe. Learn to love it baby. I love humiliating you, so you’re going to have to get used to this if you want to be with me. You’re mine now, so take another deep breath for me and suck this back so I can unwrap your head and make you eat them too, I’m going to fart all over that tongue of yours. Netflix and chill? Haha more like rip ass and ki11!!