Women Shit In Eathouthers Mounth

Scat Goddess & Friend Use The Toilet Boy – Side Angle

Today again toilet slave was used by 2 Goddesses. Scat Goddess and a friend of her. They use and abuse their slave boy, using his mouth to eat EVERYTHING they want ! First Goddess put him in chains and feed him with some food then Scat Goddess offering the toilet the main event : her KAVIAR ! He must learn how to chew it, swallow it and play with it without any problem. This was a good lesson for all toilets who aspire to have 2 Romanian Goddesses and be used as toilets for them. Very nice feeding with Scat Goddess foot deep inside toilet mouth. Recorded from the side angle with video camera.

Martina Urine

Martina great queen, slaves to a box on the ear Ass worship the saliva trample high-heeled shoes of urine. The slave was very satisfied.

Toilet Slave

Here I give to my slave my piss and shit in the toilet, afterwards he will consume with his tongue my piss and shit from the toilet. If he does not eat everything, the punishment of his life expects to him, hey slave come here your food is ready.

Two Pussies Are Peeing Into The Lake!

GOLDENSHOWER! Just for you! My 18 year old friend African-Flower and I were in Spain to have some fun. Someday we had to piss but the way to the toilet was too far away. So we decided to piss right into the lake! It was a public place but it didn’t matter. You can watch our dropping pussies from different views… Sadly there was no one near we could order to clean our pussies with his tongue again… But maybe… Do you want to join us next time…!?