Women Shit In My Mouth

Betty Blaze In Mom Wants To Swallow My Cum And Piss

I was in the gym stretching when Mom and Cory walked out of the Bathroom. I think they had just fucked but was not sure. Mom then says she wants some more. Tells me she wants to suck my cock and drink my piss.Before I can say anything, she pulls down my shorts and gobbles my cock. I cum on her face and she now wants my piss. We end up in the shower and I am a little pee shy. This has never happened before. She gets it all out and thanks me for washing down all my cum. Mom is pretty cool now!

Jeans Wetting And Pee Play

I had a bad dream and when my hubby woke me up I just need to pee. My bladder was so full that I wanted to wet my jeans and bed! Tons of pee and my jeans are soaked wet as well as my bed. But still there is some pee in my bladder so i took off my jeans and kept on pee play

Shitting On The Plate

Shit on a plate and everything is for You