Women Shiting The Selfs

Punishment For Being Late

I was getting ready to feed my Toilet Shit eater in the morning, waited for him, and he was late for 4 hours. Of course I couldn’t hold that amount of shit myself, I poop in a jar and decided to teach his naughty toilet mouth. He apologized, and begged, but I was adamant and still stuffed all my shit.

Mistress Roberta -big Urge To Poop A Huge Breakfast -pov

This morning i have a big urge to poop so i get up on the massage table and shit a huge amount of breakfast for you and only after the poop i can pee being the presure so high and after i finish i rub my ass cheeks on the warm shit so you will lick it clean off my ass and when you finish licking clean the shit from my ass you can eat your huge breakfast.

Scat Spycam

See Tima and her girlfriend having a lesbian scat scene. Filmed by Mr. X in the background.

Fat Shit Sausage Shitting In The Senior Slave Mouth! Part 3

A senior slave had contacted me and wanted to receive and swallow my delights. So I met with him in a hotel! There I pooped him a mega fat and big shit sausage in his mouth. I was not shit extra 3 days in advance! I pissed him into his mouth,too. Previously I had been pissed in a cup so that it has something to rinse while he ate my Great-serving crap