Women Shitting In Tolet

Gourmet Scat For Free!

This cute chef has a specialty. Yes, you can eat it, but no, it’s not something she cooks. It’s her scat! You gotta see and taste it to believe it! She gets naked and squats over a porcelain plate then ejects a small pile of poop on it! She hands the plate to you and make you taste it using a pair of chopsticks!

Bitchy Students Gang Up On New Girl And Makes Her Shit! Full Movie

The new girl is pretty and they have to mess up that face and teach her to respect her seniors! So they make her strip and they take note of her smooth porcelain skin and perky tits. They place a collar and leash on her neck and make her feel like a dog. They gang up on her and make her shit on the floor, just like a dog would!

Mistress Gaia – Very Special Dinner

Are you ready slave? For a special dinner?Look what comes out from my beautiful ass, this shit is all for you.A special dinner just for you.

Brown Shit For Stupid Worms

Each mistress – you know – is sadistic, but none of them is so sadistic to leave with no food their slaves. In this video Mistress Melissa will show to the ItalScat’s fans what kind of flavors she usually sets aside: brown shit in abundance.