Women Shitting On Car

Breakfast From My Asshole

I think I’m sometimes too good for my slave. Every morning he eats a bland & tasteless bowl of noodles. Besides the fact that it doesn’t have any flavor it also lacks nutrition. Perhaps there’s a way I can enhance the flavor for him and have some erotic fun at the same time?Since I ate a few Ham & cheese pies as well as savory muffins yesterday I decided to take a shit into his bowl of noodles. Not only will my shit enhance the flavor, he will also get some of the left over nutrients my body didn’t need. What an honor this must be for such an inferior human toilet slave! The privilege of eating the shit and absorbing some left over nutrients from MY superior female body! Of course like any good toilet slave he licks my asshole before I shit and licks it clean afterwards. Balanced meals are earned after all! If you’re also a fart fan you’ll LOVE this! I unfortunately don’t fart often but in this video I have blown two MASSIVE and LOUD farts! With an additional camera in very high resolution you’ll be able to see my asshole crystal clear and up close as I take this big shit right into his bowl of noodles. You see the clear view of my asshole opening up and the fine detail of my shit as it slides out 🙂 But can you believe how ungrateful this inferior human toilet slave is!? As he puts my shit in his mouth he gags and say my shit is not delicious! The audacity!!! Watch as I punish him for his ungratefulness by slapping him around PROPERLY in the end!

Big Shit In My Hand And Shit In My Mouth And Swallow

I stand and start to wander, a lot of bumps on the ground. Then I get down on my knees and lick the piss out of the ground and swallow piss.I have to follow orders.The new order is kneeling on my knees and do shit in your hand. I try my ass and gives a nice big shit.Another order is shit in my mouth, let the whole big shit in my mouth, I have to chew shit and swallow.Then I suck dick and suck my master cum….

Poop Lipstick!

I just took a really nasty shit and I got the idea of using my poop as lipstick. I get carried away as I smear my delicious scat all over my mouth and proceed to smear it all around my beautiful lips…

Girl From Mongolia

A hot girl from Mongolia doing a fantastic poo on her kitchen table in cold Sibiria…