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Fat Shit Loads

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Friday, I Am Desperate

I got up super early and didn’t want to get out of bed, but I had to shit to bad. I try to sleep until I really have to burst. I loose a big piece. I comment, you explain what I hate yesterday. I rub my anus and throw it all in the toilet before flushing. I also pee

Schoolgirl Defecating On The Floor!

Coming home from school, this lady immediately looks for her father since she is having problems defecating! What the man does is lay a sheet of cloth on the floor and then makes her do her best to poop! She manages to release a couple of chunks, but when no more followed, he proceeds to finger fuck her asshole! She later releases a huge stream of feces that doesn’t only cover the guy’s hands but as well as makes a huge mess all over the floor!

Pee In Front Of School

The two students must pee very urgent. So they go outside the school, take their clothes of and piss on the meadow.