Women Taking Shit Mp4

Constipation Efro In A Full Sexy Outfit

I’m wearing a very sexy outfit, showing off my ass in tight leggings, a g-string and heeled boots. ——————————————————-This is a classic video – I talk about how I haven’t pooped in a while (and the shit comes out hard and dense!!) I always get constipated and horny when I’m on my period, so it’s the perfect time for a sensual slow shit. ——————————————————I pose with my pants pulled down and shit for you! I check to see if it’s done by touching my dirty asshole and getting shit all over my finger. ——————————————————Afterwards I close-up on the beautiful dump, I even pick it up so I can feel how heavy it is and drop it into the toilet so you can watch it plop and flush away! ——————————————————I included me wiping three times and show off all the shit smeared on the toilet paper and throw them into the toilet and show you flushing action there as well

Shitting In Seethrough Panty Then Eating

Godess was so ful today. She was so close to pee and shit . . .but she keep them until her toilet slave arrived at her. She was wearing only a pair of blue seethrough panty and bra and she order her slave to unsewaa quickly and prepare for his meal !! She fill his open wide mouth with pee through panty then she shitting into her panty in front of her toilet face. the rest was clear, toilet will continue to eat all Godess shit from her panty until remain nothing while Mistress was shitting more on his cock and balls.At the end she allowed her toilet to stroke his cock for a little pleasure.

New Piss Record 2800 Ml And Drunk Fun!!!

We drunk with kate a lot for a new experiment! Kate have a huge belly, full bladder of piss wich she showing to you! like always she is holding her piss a little bit more for you when we start to record and showing her crazy eyes and face because she very VERy want to pee and all her belly is hurting very much! This time she trying to masturbate a little bit maybe it will help to be not so painful! and now she starting to pee! She doing her stream is huge and then again not so big for you to enjoy her very very long peeing!!! She is peeing over 5 minutes!!!!sometimes she rubbing her clit and take her pain away! I think when she finishing peeing she is the happiest woman in the world just look in her eyes! After she finish she measuring her piss like always and…. NEW RECORD IS DONE!!! 2800 mllitres of piss!!! Can you image it? Now drunk Misha peeing for you too and now in banks is tree litres in total lol ( Misha is allready peeing a lot of times when Kate is holding all this piss) then kate going in bathtub and taking shower from all this 3 banks of piss! Misha pour all them on she! Mm it is so warm)) Than Kate peeing again in bathtub a little bit more and then 1 more time at the toilet! Then we are making fun smoking, talking to you he he we are just drunk and funny!

Toilet Sabotage

At the school toilet, a scatophilia janitor sabotage the toilet flush by disconnecting it so that when the schoolgirls comes back from their breaktime they will be depositing some shit they wouldn?t be able to flush their shit. As expected, a schoolgirl comes and shit then calls the cleaner and told him the toilet doesn’t flush, as a good cleaner he was he told her not to worry and he will make sure to get it fix. He totally loved it,smelling fresh young shit from the toilet and scooped it up!