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Strap On Fuck With Shitty Handjob

Today we, or better sayed me, wanted to try something new.For a few weeks we bought a Strap on and i had a good idea what we could do with that.My boyfriend is a absolutly anal fan – but what when we do it the other way ?So he wanted to make anal and i said him my idea what we should try. We are really open in trying new things, one big thing what i really love about him.We tried it and was really fun!Have fun watching!Lot of Love,LucyScat

Pissing On The Table

Pissing on the table

Eat My Shit, Slave!

Here shit and piss, I another toilet slave, in his mouth!Of course, he has to eat my shit completely and swallow my piss.And all this under my strict words and Dirty Talk!