Women Vomit Into Each Others Mouth

Ultimate Piss Punishment: Two Women Versus An Old Man! – Part 2

The women are bored and their bladders empty, so what they do next is strip the victim of his clothes! Once he is rendered completely naked, they lay him flat on his back again and resume with pissing all over him! To make things more interesting, they would also take turns sitting on his face and feeding him with their dripping pussy! There are times when he tries to resist and closes his mouth, when he does so, the ladies simply pinch his nose, easily having him desperately breathing out of his mouth!

Shitting Diarheea In A Hurry

Godess wanted to pee and shit a nice diarheea but she was in a hurry because somebody must come in a few minutes in her apartment, so she call me to empty herself quickly !! Because she didnt like it to shit or pee anymore in a real toilet she use my mouth all the time for this kind of activities !! Enjoy the movie, today without sound. Tomorrow will upload another with sound ! stay close

Too Much

Lesbian engage in scat play.