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Tm Heavy Logs

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Leona’s Scatfuck Session. Part 2

Introducing: LeonaFaces and tatoos are hidden only in the preview pictures, in video there are no censorship.Hello people. This is Leona, you have seing my films made together with Matilda, and today we want to present you my personal scat movie.What you are going to see here today? Dry words. Vomit, Piss, Shitting, smearing, all kinds of sex including anal. Around 40 minutes of Pure Pleasure.Enjoy the show!Shit kisses to everybody.Leona

Dildo In Ass And Diarrhea In Mouth

Godess use her toilet slave for some fun before filling his dirty mouth with a huge Diarrhea, through her seethrough panties. She use her black double sided dildo and pushing in his ass deep, then use the dildo in his full mouth of Diarrhea until slave cumming !!

Shitting From The Shit Chair

This has gedrückt..warum ?! Well, that same siehste why! Starting with the ass to the Kackstuhlbrille and off you go. Loooong remains the sausage at a time before she plops to the ground. 2 long, thick brown Kackstifte abseil, not silently, from 🙂 And at the end gibts ne tour overboard 🙂 Have fun!