Xtreme Piss And Shit

Shit On A Newspaper 1

Today I dressed myself. I read the newspaper. But here I would like to shit. I’m not reading the newspaper and I’m starting to shit. I am satisfied with the result.

Mistress Gaia – Feeding Time Bitch

Your male slave is in a cage. His wrists (behind his back), ankles and legs (above the knee) are tied together with duct tape. The clip starts with you defecating into a plastic container (like Tupperware). You take the container and walk towards the cage. Next you open the cage and put a leash to the collar of the slave and make him crawl out like a worm and kiss your boots to greet you. You tell him, that it is his feeding time. You go then to the bowl which is standing next to the cage on the floor and pour the caviar from the plastic container into the bowl and put the bowl right in front of his face and spit on the caviar. Now you snip with your finger and point with your finger towards the bowl as this is his sign to start eating the caviar out of the bowl like a dog with his mouth. You sit down on a chair and watch him eating while you verbally humiliate him. Usually you push his head in the bowl with your boots but now and at some point of time you step into the caviar and tell the slave to lick the caviar off your boots before he is allowed to continue to eat from the bowl. During the feeding you emphasize on proper chewing and swallowing…

Wild Wedding Night For The Bride! – Full Movie

This is a wedding night like no other. No rose and champagne in this shit because shit is what the bride gets, literally. The nasty groom has his own way of marking his territory. Once settled in the honeymoon bed, he didn’t waste time shitting on her – her face, her hair, her face! Submissive bride takes it all in, not protesting as shit gets into her body and dress. Not satisfied with the mess, her groom calls in his groomsmen to join in on the fun. They take turns spreading shit all over the bride until she and the bed is a disgusting sight of shit and sperm.