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Three Ladies Enema And Poop Smearing! – Part 2

Part 2 – The second woman, just like earlier, is bent over and gets her asshole rubbed and finger fucked! By the time she is ready, she is made to defecate and pee inside the same glass bowl! After which, the half-filled container is poured on the bodies of the ladies who have contributed to the mixture! To make things more interesting, they would smear the filth all over them! Though, despite all the mess that they have made, they are not yet done! One of the ladies is bent over and gets a fluid injected into her asshole! Apparently, she is receiving an enema!

Caviar Bottling And Shipping For User Kavialover19!

The user Kavialover19 had written to me and asked if I could send him my delicious shit home. Of course, I like to do something like this, if the users live too far away and I can not shit them in the mouth. So here you see the video to the shipment of my delicious shit. You see, as I do, in a food box, a thick, creamy pile, shit and I, the can, then close. After that I had to piss too, so I was, crouched with spread legs and Pissed in a high arc! Who would also like to taste my shit, directly from the source, or as a shit delivery service, just contact me!


Hot teasful panty pooping and peeing!

Husband & Wife Scat Experiment!

Husband has convinced his wife to try and fullfil his desire. He tied her up and blindfolded. He then groped her and aroused her before sticking the enema inside her ass hole. Since this is her first time, she struggles. A moment later she already moans of stomach cramps and then to her husband’s delight her poop follows… a lot of poop!