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Francesca’s Sharts And Sludge!!!

Francesca’s Back with an “Eeewww”!! clip! Actually make that two. “Eeew” is a classic Francesca reaction to her often Nasty blasts.. SHe begins the first scene sitting reverse kanga on the bowl. She pees before releasing some sharty worm logs onto the floor. The rumble in her tummy wasn’t finished at that point, so she went into the bathtub to unleash some more!! Enjoy as she spreads that big bubblebutt to push out her wet, nasty load!!! Another FUNKY treat from Francesca!!

Sweet Smell Of Lady Pussy

Sweet smell of lady pussy. Before the beginning of feeding, the girls decided to play with their slave-toilet. First the slave was allowed to smell the smells of the intimate places of the girls, through panties. The slave must remember the smell and guess the girl with her eyes closed! If he guessed, then he received a reward – a spit from the girl, if he did not manage – 2 strong blows on the balls. The girls were shocked that the slave eats their shit with great pleasure, he instantly emptied the pot after each girl, and the girls were very disgusted even to stand next to their shit. For them, this is disgusting, smelly shit, and for him a sweet treat !!

Pooping And Showing Texture Of My Shit

I poop my ass facing you on the floor. You can see my asshole opening and a hard log coming out.In the next scene I am filming my shit from a closer angle with my HD camera. You can see all the details of my poop. I show you the bigger piece first. I turn it over, then take it in my hands and show my poop in every angles. I take the hard knobbly piece of shit in my hands. I take it appart. I squash little pieces of shit with my fingers. You can really see the difference of texture between the different pieces of shit that came out from my ass.