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Mistress Anna – Disgusting Diarrhea

Disgusting diarrheaOpen mouth! Take this huge amount of soft diarrhea!

Shitting In Leather Pants

This movie is first one for my Godess when she was single at home and she have a request from a member of us to shit and fart in her trousers. She was going into her bathroom, put the camera on tripod and begin to fill the pants with her usually shit, diarheea and farts. After that, she undress and show to camera her gorgeous asshole beeing so dirty from her shit !!! She is awesome even without any human toilet slave near her . . .


Ruslana is hot farting in sexy beige tights;)

Training For Being A Toilet (part2)

Now we go a step further. First his peehole is stretched with sounds, then I slowly adapt him to my scat. He must hold his hands and gets a load on them. Now smell it and taste with his tongue. So much restraint and humiliation lets him shiver. In the end he is allowed to wash his hands with my warm pee. We will see, how long it takes, to make you a good toilet!