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Cori Is A Shitty Kitty!!

Cori is back with her most interesting clip to date!! Enjoy as this Good kitty decided to think Outside the Bowl in these two FUNKY clips!! Enjoy as she fills her litter box with her usual hot brown fudge! Enjoy as she gets on all fours and spreads nice and wide to show the fudge coming out her asshole in the first clip, then as she squats right above the litter box in the second. Just like a good kitty, we see her cover up her stinky pile before poop scooping it into the bowl!! Big Butt Cori is our naughtiest Kitty!!


Ruslana is hot shitting a huge shit in sexy brown tight pantyhose;)

12.164 Hard Italian Turd

12.164 Hard Italian turd is the perfect title for this clip, you have to wait to see the turd and after the turd appears so big and so hard! And it come out lucly!