Young Girl Shits On Her Bed

Urine On Clothes

I drew myself into a business style. I had just returned from work. I really want to write, but I can not find the toilet. I go into a room and start writing in a glass while masturbating. I’m coming. To cool a little, I pour urine on the clothes.

Big Turd In Slave’s Mouth!!!

I haven’t taken a shit in 2 days and boy do I have to go! This time I get my Toilet Slave to get down on his knees and beg for my goodness! I get him to lay his head back in the toilet bowl as I proceed to torture him with my piss all over his face and order him to open wide while I take one of my biggest shits ever right into his filthy little mouth! After doing my business I get to smear my delicious scat all over his face and yes…he loves it!!!

12 Servings Of Chocolate

I got a special request to do a marathon video of a dozen different toilet scenes with no talking or fancy angles, just the nastiest, noisiest, brownest chocolate explosions caught on camera – so here it is! Several different angles from the front, side and back with most of them showing the full view of the chocolate flowing from my big ass, and a few of them focused on my ass or even my tits while you hear everything. There are a couple of scenes where you get to see me wipe and of course lots of peeing and almost every scene has at least one or two nasty wet farts. If you really want to see chocolate from beginning to end, this is the one for you!