Young Girls Farting

Boss Hungry For Piss And Pussy!

In this situation, a male boss approaches a woman that he likes and then invites her to his office! By the time she arrives, she is greeted with the sight of him being naked! Without further ado, he lies down on the floor, puts a makeshift funnel in his mouth, and then has the sweetheart urinate inside it! Apparently, he has a fetish for piss and he wants it to be quenched! Luckily for him, she shares the same sentiments so she then starts helping him out! She takes off her panties and then releases all that she can into the funnel, resulting to him swallowing mouthful after mouthful of urine! When she couldnÂ’t release anymore, she sits down on his face and has him lick her pussy clean!

Mistress Gaia – Puppy Feeding Pov

ITALIAN SPOKENOh! you look so afraid down there looking up at your Goddess. I know you have been bound on the floor waiting for many hours. Are you gagging for some delicious scat from Mistress Gaia? Be patient. I’m going to have to put a nice choker collar, and leash on you. Just to make sure you are comfortable while I prepare your meal. It will also allow me to discipline you if you disobey me. I know you are going to enjoy this meal, so make sure you chew every bit of my scat properly, then swallow it. If you don’t, When I come back I will punish you severely. Buon appetito…

Mistress Roberta- Take Away Jar-pov

Today i have another point of view for you and this time i am preparing a take away jar shitting inside for some of my slaves who wroted me they want it so who comes first he will have it .

Smoking Bitch In The Shit

Your little Bitch and poops while smoking a little droppings Dich.Schade for which you have not caught with your mouth, so I had to try it yourself.