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Suck My Shit! After Work

Well, as I promised in my previous video, I will use the slave instead of my toilet in the evening, after work. First I’ll let him clean my shoes after the street. Then he will carefully clean my asshole with his tongue. He was at home all this time and was waiting for his mistress and he was very hungry. But I endured all day at work and did not shit after morning to feed my slave. When he lay down on the floor and opened his mouth, a large long turd slipped into his throat right out of my ass. Then the next. And he began to suck the pieces of my shit. He enjoyed the bitter taste of my feces and swallowed it. At the end of this meeting, I spat in his mouth and put a heel to his throat. I took his face close to the camera so that it was clearly visible that his face was completely in my shit. He’s a good toilet, isn’t it?

Diarheea From Miss Roberta

Another morning, another meal. Mistress become kinky and bizarre day by day. She upload a long diarheea in my mouth to can eat and swallow.

A Generation Into Scat Part 1

This is part one of this fantastic Xmodels Movie, featuring a sexy young blonde doing her first extreme scat experiences….