Young Girls Takes Shit On Hidden Camera

Jerk Off With My Thick Massive Shit!

You wish me, not for sex, not for friendship… you just want to eat my SHIT? Mmm…it’s really delicious. But, I took for you a big enough plate, because I am going to lay a MASSIVE THICK SHIT for you! I’m going to feed you with my turd, and you’re going to eat it piece by piece, *exactly* how I command you.I bend over camera and you get a perfect angle of my ass. I’m filling that plate right up with your breakfast. Here you go, you are my TOILET! Stupid loser like you has to finish this all up, and I know that you like it so much. If you eat it all my shit, I will come back and fill you up again and again…

Diarrhea Explosion

Even a sadistic mistress can have a compelling need to poop. So, Mistress Melissa, just arrived at home, makes her needs: a torrent of diarrhea and farts. Unfortunately the toilet bowl becomes dirty of brown diarrhea… now she needs an obedient slave to clean up all with his tongue. Are you the lucky cleaner slave?


Ann is running hot shit in the blue pants;)