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3 Dominas Shit And Piss 2 Toilet Slaves In The Mouth! Part 3

Here you can see the third part of a total of 3 parts from the 33 minute full movie 3 Dominas shit and piss 2 toilet slaves in the mouth

Oishi Sayaka Pooping 1

Oishi Sayaka is a sexy submissive woman. She shits and pees on the table while showing her natural facial expressions as she strains. Later in the bathroom some poo accidentally comes out her ass while she pees and she laughs about. Multi-angle views.

New Girl Christina Pooping In Toilet

I met this sports girl on facebook. Her name is Christina, she is 22 years old, height is 172 cm, breast size is 2. She said she was pooping every morning. She has an excellent consistency of shit for swallowing – not too hard and not too liquid. In the process of pooping, she silently and sexually farts! I hope that in the near future I will persuade her to come to my studio and shit me in the mouth. I’m looking forward to when I can taste the taste of her shit in my mouth.