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Bodystocking Shit

The huge text in the free preview/GIF is NOT in the video. I walk in wearing a sexy black bodystocking and apologise for not shitting in front of you for so long. I know how much it turns you on. Why don’t you take your cock out and jerk off while I shit for you? You see this nice big hole in the ass of my bodystocking? I’m going to shit right through it. I get into the doggystyle position and push out quite a big load of slightly wetter than usual, soft shit. Then I show you my dirty ass and the big pile I made on the floor. I promise I won’t leave it so long before I shit in front of you again!

Peeing On His Face

Peeing on his face (JJ000392)

Danni Bikini Shit!

It had been a hot day and Danni had spent the morning swimming in the river with friends. As she’d laid tanning in her white bikini her tummy had started to rumble and she began to feel the urge to poop. Ignoring it, Danni had carried on having fun with her friends, holding it in the best she could. It wasn’t long before the sky darked, Danni and her friends chatted and hoped the sun would come back out soon, but instead came a giant clap of thunder that almost made Danni crap her pants right there in front of her friends! As the rain began to pour, they had flung their clothes on, gathered up things and made a run for home. Danni is even more desperate to get home than the others, she’s in urgent need of a poop!When Danni gets in, she strips of her wet clothes while telling you about what happened, and how embarrising it would have been if she had of actually dirtied her pants in front of her friends. As she tells you this, she starts to get turned on at the thought, and starts rubbing herself through her little bikini as she talks to you about it more! We can see how exited these thoughts are making her!Then turning on to her hands and knees, Danni pokes her ass in the air and announces to you that she’s going to poop her bikini! Danni sighs with relief and pleasure as she begins to push the poop out in to her crisp white bikini bottom. It doesn’t take many pushes before Danni’s bikini fills up with a big dirty mess. She tells you how good it feels and how turned on she is as she pushes out more poopy. We can even hear the crackles as she puts it out in to her bikini!Danni cant keep her hands away from her pussy and talks dirtily to you as she masturbates. Then getting up from the bed, Danni goes to her full length mirror to take a look for herself at her very dirty bikini panties. She tells you what a naughty girl she is, and how much she needs spanking. She then begins to spank her ass on top of her dirty bikini. Danni’s pussy is by now dripping, and she’s as horny as ever! Taking her red spanked dirty bottom back over to her bed, she grabs one of her favorite toys! laying back she pushes her vibrater between the leg band of her smelly bikini and begins to fuck herself!As she pumps the toy in and out of her dripping pussy she looks back at her dirty bottom and tells you how much it turns her on to see what a dirty girl she really is. She moans as she fucks herself harder and harder until she bursts in to a huge orgasm! Feeling good after her dirty fun, Danni heads to the bathroom. With her messy panties still stuck to her bottom, she steps in to the shower and lets the hot water flow all over her, washing it’s way through her dirty bikini and gently rinsing her messy bottom!