Young Piss Old

Mistress Gaia – Trapped In His Scat Daiper

ITAIAN SPOKENCUSTOM REQUEST – A hogtied slave lies in a corner. You defecate on a diaper. Next you go to him and hold the toilet paper under his nose so that he can sniff out the caviar as he must grovel to the diaper still being hogtied. When he reached the diaper, he must first lick the caviar. Then he must take a bite and swallow it. Afterwards you shift the diaper and he must grovel to your caviar again and take another bite. Then you untie him so that he can kneel before you with his hands bound behind his back and his ankles are also still bound together. You start to spoon-feed him the caviar out of the diaper and ensure the swallowing by gagging him with your gloved hand. Now and then you push his mouth into the pile of caviar before the next spoon. At the end you fasten the diaper around his head and he must grovel away on his belly.

Messy Satin Hot Panties

Hot and messy huge pooping in satin panties,Goddess is ordering you to eat all shit from her nice ass!

Resistance Is Futile

Thus a slave neatly swallows our excreta, it is sometimes a long way. To shorten this, we have our unruly pig fixed, so that it cannot oppose. Otherwise he would perhaps try to crawl away, would writhe and use his hands to ward off. I would have to punish him hardly to break his will. This is also funny, but too tiring.So I shit in his mouth, spit and piss, Miss Cherie also uses his face as a full toilet. After some time such a slave works as desired. It is beautiful to suffer a few days in this position, then it will work better on its next use. It’s that simple. *Smile*

Well Trained Slave Eat All Of Mistress Shit

A well trained slave is lied down on the bathroom floor while Mistress sits on her pooping stool. She first squirted her juicy piss to her slave and then let out a whole drop of log poo! She then rubs her beautiful feet all over slave’s full mouth and uses her feet to feed her hungry slave. He sucks her toes and licks her feet and eats his Mistress shit.