Young Tee Plays With Her Shit

Diva Staxxx’s Dual Angle Fun Pt 2!!

Enjoy a new pair of FUNKY new clips from Diva Staxxx!! In the first two, enjoy a nice rearview and front facing shot of staxxx blowing it up at her Boyfriends house. Enjoy Watching it shoot out her ass one way and her facial expressions and grunts and strains the other way!! Then Enjoy two more clips at home. She was webcamming in her Batwoman outfit when she got the urge to shit. Enjoy watching her struggle to get in and out that tight onesie to unleash a nice runny dump from two angles. One on the floor in front of her, and from a side angle. She’s giving you multi angles to enjoy all her FUNKY emissions!

Shitting On A Plastic Bag

Shitting on a plastic bag (JJ000480)

Ayanna’s Painful Diarrhea And Logs!!

Ayanna keeps cranking out the (s)hits!!! Enjoy three great clips as she spreads nice and wide to Unleash her Bubblies for the People!!! In three great clips enjoy as she spreads nice and wide to unleash the funk!! Ayanna has had the runs lately and it looks like it was a bit painful as well as she was making the the worst faces and grunts and strains! She even had to kick her feet out to help bringing it out. In one clip after the initial burst, she has to finger her ass to get the rest out! Three great clips as usually from the bussiest Funky lady!!

Princess Rachel Evans Shitting On Slave 01

Princess Rachel Evans shits on her slave and makes him to jark with her shit!