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Mistress Gaia – Eating For Me

When a person goes to the toilet, pull the drain.I do not need the bathroom, because I have my personal toilet that in addition to receiving my divine shit, eats everything without leaving any trace of it.

Eat And Smear My Shit

I led the slave on a leash in my torture room. He kiss my shoes and lick my heels. Then I ordered him to lie down on a special goat and lightly hit him with a whip. Lick my ass and suck my whet pussy, if you want that I piss on you. He put his hands under my ass and I shit with diarrhea on his hand. With pleasure he eat my shit and smear diarrhea on a body. I spit and wiped my feet on him. His pitiful penis stood up and I just laughed at him and kicked him straight on his dick. Stay in the torture room and eat all my shit, dirty toilet. It’s your destiny.

Piss Games With Mel-miley!

My girlfriend mel-miley was visiting me and as we so sat in the kitchen and talked she had to pee urgently times. Because I of course not just like booze men pee piss but also women pee, I have encouraged she me to piss in my mouth, which she then also gladly done!