All Lesbo Shit Eating

Breakfast At Mistress Michelle P2

Under the guidance of Mistress Michelle the slave eats her shit and swallows. As a little surprise, Mistress Michelle brought an extra bunch for her toilet slave. A horse pile of shit on a plate. Mistress Michelle feeds her toilet slave and then lets him eat from the ground herself. While he eats the shit, she puts his butt plug back in his asshole.

Toilet Slut

Dressed with only garter and stockings I kneel on the floor of the toilet. My ass is plugged and I pull it out for you to finger me. Then I sit down on the toilet lid and let out a loud fart followed by my piss.

Lick My Shit – Hd Version

I like using a slave to serve me as a toilet every day. He likes the taste of my fresh shit. You are my dirty stupid slut.

Aria’s Juicy Booty Gps!

I hate picking favorite when it comes to my site, but every time I get a new clip from Lady Aria she shoots right back to the #1 slot!! She has it all. Big juicy chocolate booty. Sexy Grunting, Pooping and Straining and dialogue! Wonderful noises and poop action in her clips. This is by far if not my favorite girl – she’s top 5 dead or alive!! Love how she spreads those ass cheeks to squeeze out the turds!