Amateur Big Shit

Eat It From The Bathroom Floor Slave!

I just made a delicious meal for you!My shit mixed with my piss on the bathroom floor is the best what you deserve!fresh out of my pussy and out of my ass, a huge load of both – if you cant eat it all you dont belong here!Lick my floor clean like a real slave would do!You cant do that? Its too much for you? I DONT want to hear that!When you dont eat it all, when my bathroom floor isnt clean after the mess i made for you then u will have a really hard time!Then you got a much bigger load to eat!Do what i say or you will suffer next time!Eat what you get from your mistress – i dont care if you like it or not.I dont care when you feel sick after. Shut up and eat what i made for you!Have fun watching!Lot of Love,LucyScat

Shit Down From Stool *with Face*

I sit down with my beautiful ass on a stool and shit down. Horny it would be if someone else is now underneath * fg * Finally, I present to you the sausage as a close-up

Pooping On The Toilet Paper

Today i want to poop quick. Please eat it all!! An clean the mess after me!! Don’t forget to lick my asshole clean with your tongue!! Enjoy!!

Piss Drink 21

Arabian pissing humiliation! Bizarrlady Jessica has celebrated and drunk the whole night with its Lovern. Many empty bottles are the result these are lying around and therefore drink nothing for their slave Mohamed. The super sadist orders him therefore to pee into the Hundeschüssel and to drink his own piss from the Hundeschüssel. Still Mohamed pees on its order into the bowl and the bizarre Dirty-Queen seasons the full pi bowl for him with hot curry. Under permanent verbal humiliations, insults and orders Mohamed then must actually drink his own piss from the bowl seasoned with curry. Her gold yellow nectar into the bowl to this and when he has drunk everything up slowly bizarre Lady Jessica goes and stands with the legs apart over him and pisses over his head down still. Her piss also then must lick Mohamed from the bowl. And the slave Mohamed joins in everything unconditionally and becomes it still described as an Arabian pig by the fair-haired ruler and insulted too most deeply verbally.