Amateur Pee Onahole

Mistress Gaia – Surprise At The Dentist’s

ITALIAN SPOKENThis stupid guy dared to come to my dental office for his annual check-up without brushing his teeth. His breath was awful and when I tell him that about the need of a good oral hygiene, he talks back using bad words. He definitively needs to be taught a lesson. I’m going to make him to rinse his mouth with a very special mouthwash: my divine golden nectar. But this is not enough. I’m going to do something to use the mouthwash: I I will put my shit in his mouth and make him chew and swallow it!!!!

Suck My Shit

My feet was very dirty because my toilet slave didn’t clean it properly. He will writhe, while cleaning my feet with his tongue. You are my dirty human toilet. I can use his mouth at any time when I want shitting. He licked my dirty feet and my dirty asshole. You are ready to swallow my shit, I have prepared for you many pleasant things. I shit directly in his mouth, when he licked my asshole. I don’t care, he is just my toilet, not anymore.

Rosella`s Shit Parade And Mouth Shit Compilation, Summer 2016!

The title says it all! Here you can see 25 times unrestrained shitting, straight from my ass in the Slaves Mouthes and just horny shitting and how I express my delicious shit out of my ass!

Piss Drink 13

Piss of the glass!Joschi lets her slave a fart in bizarre Lady Jessica into the face first. It then exhausts it empty glass and the whole glass pisses brimfully with its piss in front of its eyes. And it immediately enters Joschi to this, too drink up it must for a train the glass with hers pisses drinks up, gives it an order it. Joschi drinks actually the glass with the piss in one like down an elixir of life and says then ‘Thank you, Goddess!’ . Lady asks Jessica for it whether it still is thirsty and says he it shall open its mouth. The glass pees fully the Pissing-Queen with the second. It drinks up Joschi like a refreshing tincture again.