Asian Submissive Piss

Mistress Shit In The Mouth

Every day I use the slave’s mouth for my needs. Every morning, as I wakes up, I pisses and drops smelly shit in his mouth. Today, I filled his mouth full of nasty shit. Do you want to be in his place? This slave is a perfect human toilet. He eats my shit and drinks my piss completely, without complaining, in fact he is excited when he does it, but now I want to crush his little dick …

Under The Desktop Poop Session Part 5

Girls Uses Man

Dirty Feet P1

A dream comes true for this slave. To be the toilet slave of three Scat Ladies. The Scatqueens are here and all three pee to the toilet slaves in his mouth. Miss Flowers sits down almost to his mouth and craps her sausage directly into the slave’s mouth. And now chew and swallow the pile of shit from Miss Flowers. The snot and piss comes as a dessert.