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Piss And Turd Fiesta!

Today is a busy day for a human toilet like me. They barely notice my presence. The student had her knickers in a twist when she entered the toilet, streaming pungent pee on the floor. I watched the golden elixir flow perfectly like a river from her pee hole. The older woman’s bladder was as full as an aging coconut, and her flow was perfectly strong, as it drizzled like rain. The third lady was a bit shy, but I still enjoyed watching her push out a dollop of clear pee – salty but clear. The last one, an older lady, was desperate to push out her poop all over me. I watched her heave her pussy and anus as she pushed out an acrid poop the color of dried The mess plopped messily on the tiles and mixed with her piss. It was a feast fit for the gods and I couldn’t wait to get out of my restraints before I pounced on these new treasures.

The Rookies!! 2017 Edition!

In the Past two months, I have Introduced you to more new FUNKY ladies than anytime since my first year on scatshop in 2015!!! This years class is the best assemblage of talent yet!!! Enjoy This nearly 20 minute collection of clips from all the new ladies just introduced to you on this site!!! Up First is the lovely thickumz Honey Gramz!! Enjoy a quick unreleased Bubbleguts clip before she returns to drop the in a second clip. Then up next is Queen B with a quick ploppage. Then Of course is the Biggest Ass to grace the screen in 2017, Hershey Rae!! Enjoy as on of my Porn Faves blows farts and drops turds in two quick scenes. She is then followed by Goodness Gracious. Goodness Gracious has already delivered some of the GREATEST clips seen on this site in her first two months!! Enjoy a quick hovering sceen from her in this one. She is followed by the first of my Pregnant new FUNKY ladies in Berry C! Berry C is here with an unreleased new clip! Then after her is the newest sensation – Smoking Redd!!! This Tattooed hotty is Blowing up – literally!! Enjoy as she blows the bowl up in a quick clip. Last but not least is my newest recruit, the also pregnant Destiny Dream! Ms Dream!! Enjoy her well edited debut clip as she drops some other kidz in the pool!! Enjoy all 7 of my new ladies in one wonderful clip!! If you been curious about them all – here’s a chance to see some old and new unreleased action for one low price!!

Double Anal Fisting

Checkout this scene. The Slave would be fisted with both hands and after his body is full of Shit. Tima Extreme