Cat Ching Shit Come Out Aas

Mia Pov Foot Smearing Scat

Mia Pov Foot smearing Scat

Mistress Gaia – Bound To Enjoy My Scat – Hd Version

CUSTOM REQUEST – You go to a collared male slave who kneels on the floor. You greet him by spitting in his mouth and face and slapping his face before you order him to lick your boots. You then deficate in a dog bowl. Then you hold the bowl in front of his nose and tell him to inhale the smell deeply. Next you tie him to a chair or a cross and you start to spoon feed the caviar to him. To ensure the swallowing you gag him firmly with your hand. During the feeding you also spit in his mouth and slap his face hard. Pls. be strict & cruel the whole time.


Ofelia is running painful diareeah in the bath with her sexy fat and hairy ass;)

Kinky Brunette College Girl Barbie Shits In The Toilet

Kinky brunette college girl Barbie shits in the toilet