Cat Girl Poop Public

Daizo Has A Mouthful – Full Movie

The girls knew that Daizo would do everything for them. They were his mistresses, and even if he was going to be expelled when he is found slathered in foul turd, he is going to dreamily smile and not heed any wise words. Daizo lay perfectly still as the acrid turd that smelled of rotten vegetables, was smoothed over his skin. He could feel a thousand tiny movements on his skin as the pungent shit paste was spread over him like a toner. Aya laughed as she squelched the day old turd on her hands and spread it thickly upon her arm. Haruya was turned on by all the shit and was fingering herself secretly with a filthy finger. Soshi couldn’t have enough of Daizo’s humiliation, and used both her hands to continue emptying the pan of old turd on the teacher. Daizo was now being TAUGHT.

Dirty Feet P1

A dream comes true for this slave. To be the toilet slave of three Scat Ladies. The Scatqueens are here and all three pee to the toilet slaves in his mouth. Miss Flowers sits down almost to his mouth and craps her sausage directly into the slave’s mouth. And now chew and swallow the pile of shit from Miss Flowers. The snot and piss comes as a dessert.


You are a poor pervert loser, an hopeless coprophilist without any chance of redemption. In your misplaced fantasies there is no space for the ‘normality’. From now on, your excitement only depends on the sight of my anal dilatation, right before my excretion and… your eruption. You would like to be in my thong shoes sooooooo much… All crap full!!!

How Many Girls Can One Toilet Slave Take Part 10

We train the Toilet Slave to better Performance by pushing him to his Limits. In Part 10, Jessy poops into him and cleans him afterwards with the Toilet Brush. English Subtitles